Privacy Policy

Welcome to our website of Danceire. All the information provided in the website is exclusively related to the dance event Danceire and other information about the event. We want that you should be comfortable using this website. We have created this website for letting you know that the website gives information about the usage of this website. Please make sure that you are able to review the Privacy Policy. Using this Site, you are also agreeing that you accept terms of our Privacy Policy. In case you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please discontinue using this Site. The Privacy policy applies to the usage of this website and does not apply to the information we might collect by any other means.

Aggregate Information
Over a period of time, we may aggregate, collect information that are general in natural, it might be non-personal, statistical or data that may include visitors information, hyperlinks or any other source, this information is used by us for internal usage for statistical analysis. We can also group this information for describing the usage of the website to our potential or business partners, advertisers or sponsors or in response to any request from the government. Please be assured that this information will not be used in any ways to personally identify you.

Personal Information
For making sure that we are able to aggregate this information, this website may offer various services or features that may require you to provide personal information that includes name, phone number, mailing address or e-mail address.

As you sign up for the service, we collect the information that might need which may include country, place of origin or any other detail; this is used for our internal purpose only. We also collect information that may be added to your profile that includes name, information and others.

We are able to secure your data as desired by law. We are a company based out of India and we follow the law in the country. In case we require any outsourcing from other country, we would require the suppliers to pass security assessments as well as pass the applicable laws – as per legal laws.

Only a few members in the organization have access to the data collected. We are able to review and update working procedures on a regular basis for improving privacy as well as for ensuring internal policies that can be followed for securing the data.

The commitment to the privacy does not extend to any third-party products or any services which you might access through the website. We urge you to read the privacy statements of the third-party products in case you are using them while browsing the website.

We aim to be really transparent with the information collected by you and the way we use it. In case you wish to change the information provided by you, you might want to change it any time.

We retain information which is required for processing for the purpose described in the statement or   otherwise necessary for complying with the applicable laws. In case when your data is not required, we have them either restored in the archive or delete the information.