Terms and Conditions

Zenith Dance Institute (Zenith) is giving access to this Website free for providing information about events, classes and other activities for a special dance event.

Accessing and using this Website has been subjected to Terms and Conditions, by consenting to using the website you accept all the terms and conditions provided. In case you do not agree with these terms and conditions, we restrict the usage of the Website and will request you to please stop using the Website.

Fees and Other details:

Fees information as provided by the team of Zenith Dance Institute cannot be negotiated. As the costs are fixed, fees would be payable even in case of absence of the child. No reductions would be provided in case of any sickness, holiday or injury.

Term once commenced should be paid in full without any negotiations. Fees given by the child to Zenith is non-refundable.

Fees have to be paid in advance. Also, the fees have to be paid at the time of enrolling into the program. Fees have to be paid up front.

In case you do not receive an invoice or any information provided in the invoice is incorrect, it becomes a responsibility of the parent or ward to get the information corrected from the office staff at Zenith.

You cannot change or delete any classes. In case you would like to any changes, you might want to contact the office staff.

In case you miss attending the class for any reasons that are unavoidable, please make sure that you are able to make it up other classes by requesting the office staff to help you with the scheduling. Also, you could discuss it with your instructors.

Although, Zenith will make sure that all the timetable is given and children are given information in case of changes or iteration. But due to unavoidable circumstances if we are not able to provide information about the changes, Zenith should not be held accountable for it.

Intellectual property provided to you by Zenith Dance Institute will be a property of Zenith Dance Institute. All the sequence taught to the students should not be performed without the permission of Zenith Dance Institute.

In the class while being taught, no photos, videos should be taken in the classes. For the rehearsal, students should take prior permissions by the authority for recording anything.

In case of any loss of property by the students, Zenith Dance Institute should not be held responsible for it.

Zenith Dance Institute does not claim any responsibility for personal injury or illness caused to any child who’s attending the classes. Although, we would provide first-aid to the student, hospitalization and other charges should be borne by the student and their parents/guardian.

Zenith Dance Institute might take photographs or videos during classes, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. You would also give consent to these photos that it could be used for using it for Zenith Dance Institute’s Facebook, website or advertising purposes. We assure that photos would not be used for any compromising situation.

It is also your responsibility for ensuring that we are able to provides correct details of you and your ward so that keep all the information updated.

Zenith does not take any responsibility for any losses or expense of the circumstances that are beyond the natural control which can be Transport, weather, fire, or any other situations.

In such a situation that you are considered to flout any norms or terms & conditions, Zenith Dance Institute reserves the right for excluding your child from the activities that might be scheduled.

Zenith Dance Institute reserves the right to amend or alter any of these terms and conditions at any point without giving any notice.