About Danceizere

We welcome all the children to Danceizere

More than 13 years of successful journey, the two visionary founders of Zenith- Mr. Sooraj Katoch and Mrs. Ritu Kapoor, believe in celebrating life with joy and passion. Zenith promises to open up the new dimensions of entertainment in your life.

“Your passion can be your career”; we believe that everybody in this world is born with extraordinary talent. You just need to explore and nourish it.


It has been 10 years of Danceizere

Danceizere an initiative taken by Zenith to provide students a platform for showcasing their skills, came into existence in the year 2007. This is a place where every performer desires to get a chance to exhibit their skills. Danceizere received overwhelming response from the students of the academy over the years. Given its success and unleashed response from our participants, students and audiences, this event is now getting into the tenth year of existence.

It has been a successful story for our participants. We, at Zenith, have always enjoyed giving this platform to our students. We have always taken it as an opportunity to showcase the talent we have in-house to the masses.

Give your children to showcase their skills

Over the years, Danceizere went through metamorphic change. The mentors and organizers brought new themes and ideas to make the event a great success in the market place, together with audiences/students appreciating the effort.

Every year, we made sure that something new was added to Danceizere. Bringing styles across from global platform to presenting Indian forms. Given the fact that new students kept adding to the list made the entire show was a star attraction.

Now, stepping into the 11th year we are trying to make the event a grand affair and setting a benchmark in the industry.

Planning this year- Danceizere has been designed very differently. We are trying to bring across the ballet style on the stage depicting the story of Lord Krishna.

Broadway Style Dancing at Danciezere – 2017

We would like to host the event in the  month of August 2017.  This famous mythological character of “Krishna” will be executed by Zenith team in such a way that the students get a prime position through their stage presence. It could be contemporary, belly, hip hop or parkour and others would be seen at the event.

Making it more challenging and bigger event this year, we are now inviting schools all over Delhi to come and participate in the show. This is a platform wherein, we are getting all the members to embellish their dancing skills – while showcasing it to the audience at large.

Come and become the part of the event…