Dance Improves confidence

How dancing make children to be stress free and improves confidence?

We can say that dancing acts as a coping mechanism for many people, especially children as the brain releases neurotransmitters that help decreasing tension, also stabilizing one’s mood, and even increases self-confidence.

During this time of the semester, daily lives of school children are stressful. The most frequent comments among children students can be heard as: no enough time for study, too much to learn in weeks time when final exams are taking place. Children, as being young, while experiencing stress, don’t have that wisdom what and why that is happening to them. For that reason they end up in that stress loop, not being able to cope with all that needs to be achieved. Don’t you think this is way too much even for adult?!

For solving this challenge, dancing can play here very important role. It is proven that dancing releases stress from body. All of us experienced when body feels good, the mind does too. Dancing releases hormone  endorphins which serve to reduce level of stress. This hormone is known as hormone of happiness. Endorphins acts as a body’s natural painkiller. Endorphins is in charge for improving mood and perception how we see and perceive our life. It is not coincidence that after dancing or workout we feel calm and optimistic. For this reason, when level of stress is reduced, naturally children feel happier, lighter and more energetic. That is good foundation for executing all obligations they have.

In addition, dance improves confidence. According to a 2008 study in the American Journal of Health Education it is discovered that dance increases life satisfaction. Dancing in front of the mirror helps children to accept their body. For example, in puberty where they are dealing with stress from the outside world such as: coping with family, society, school obligations, and also stress that puberty creates, as so often is challenging to accept their own body that changes so fast in that puberty period.

In conclusion, dance is naturally being used as emotional expression and creativity. It helps having positive attitude in moments of challenges. It connects emotions and movement, and very importantly, it is fighting against obesity as India has challenge of overweight people and children.

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