Benefits of Dancing

Movement is our first form of communication and dance is a great way to re-communicate that way. Movement can express what words cannot, especially for the children being in that process of growing, discovering and adjusting themselves with the world. Dance therapy uses these movements for emotional, cognitive, social, behavioral and physical ailments. Dance therapy is founded on the basis of the fact that the movements and emotions are deeply connected. The ultimate purpose of dance therapy is to find a healthy balance and a sense of wholeness of mind and body

How dancing improves our ability to study?

Dance as a therapy has been used for centuries for improving brain functioning. Studying ability of students can be maximized through dancing practice.

The complex mental coordination that dance requires was researched by scientists in the year 2008. A  Columbia University neuroscientist referred in the article in Scientific American magazine, that synchronizing music and movement—dance has lot of effect on improving studying ability.

Firstly, exams and schooling, in general, are recognized in India to be one of the most important things in child’s life. The common fact is that parents are “pushing” their children to study as much as possible, as they are aware that is the best ticket for their successful future. We, Zenith Dancing Institute cannot agree more and also we would like to bring awareness about dancing as catalyst for better brain and memory functioning. It is scientifically proven that dancing improves brain function through interaction of cerebral and cognitive thought processes with muscle memory.  In simple terms, brain function maximizes to the highest level. Dancing steps can make everyone smarter as it is claimed by scientists. Activity as dancing makes our body to function well, pumps blood to the brain, giving it the glucose and oxygen through the body.

Secondly, dancing is creating lot of fun and joy to the child so it created synergy between memory improvement of a children and feeling of happiness. In our opinion this has essential role as things that are fun to do automatically create motivation for other activities such as studies as it works on two levels simultaneously. One level is direct improvement of memory and the other is feeling of joy that again creates motivation for achieving other tasks such as studies. Furthermore, according to the scientists, dancing connects both social interaction and mental effort.

Finally, as it is explain by scientists, decision-making makes your brain work faster. It creates the way for new neural paths that make information transmission faster and better. Cognitive processes are more active and such activities help improve mental capacity.

In conclusion, dance aids memory function since children dancers have to remember the steps and trains children’s brain to be more active so memorizing becomes easier, which refers on the strong fact that dancing is beneficial for making school studying more effective.

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