Zenith Dance Institute

Zenith Dance Company is recognized internationally for choreography and artistic performances. It has been creating –unique, experimental and inspirational dance work for last 15 years for domestic and international market.

Dance Improves confidence

We can say that dancing acts as a coping mechanism for many people, especially children as the brain releases neurotransmitters that help decreasing tension, also stabilizing one’s mood, and even increases self-confidence. During this time of the semester, daily lives of school children are stressful.

Benefits of Dancing

Movement is our first form of communication and dance is a great way to re-communicate that way. Movement can express what words cannot, especially for the children being in that process of growing, discovering and adjusting themselves with the world. Dance therapy uses these movements for emotional, cognitive, social, behavioral and physical ailments.

About Danceizere

Danceizere an initiative taken by Zenith to provide students a platform for showcasing their skills, came into existence in the year 2007. This is a place where every performer desires to get a chance to exhibit their skills. Danceizere received overwhelming response from the students of the academy over the years. Given its success and…